Friday, April 29, 2011

Double page spread for CED women's wear

A few weeks ago, fashion designer John Delgadillo (CED designs) called to ask if I'd shoot a magazine ad for his line, which ended up being a two page spread. For a location, we decided on the Roosevelt Hotel in downtown New Orleans, right off Canal St. After a meeting with the management of the hotel and the opportunity to scout various spots, they granted us access to the lobby and the Blue Room -- once a high end night club that hosted Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, among others.

Originally built in 1893, The Roosevelt has the feel of old luxury, with chandeliers and marble floors in the lobby, and the famous, atmospheric Sazerac bar as one of its many draws. For our shoot, I picked the gold double doors inside the Blue Room and, for the second set up, a space in the lobby.

This pairing demonstrates the value of matching images with an eye toward narrative. While I shot a variety of photos in each spot, once I put these two side by side they seemed to tell a very subtle story, which is something I hadn't planned at all. Herein lies the importance of good editing and thinking beyond just individual pictures.

Photographer: Jason Kruppa
Models: Ansley Gilyot and Bradley Fontenot
Stylist: Natashi Hudson
Make Up: Samantha Wingo
Photography Assistant: Gustavo Escanelle
Designer: John Joseph Delgadillo

Monday, April 4, 2011

Race and Religious

sample bridal photos for a new wedding venue in New Orleans, located at the corner of Race and Religious streets in the lower garden district.